How do we train drivers from the East?


As a part of the activity of Easy Work Polska we specialise not only in providing drivers but primarily in professional verification and training of drivers from Eastern Europe and Asia. The key role in our company is our training department which is made up of people involved in transport who have practical as well as theoretical knowledge. They are not only qualified instructors they are also experienced in international transport. We believe that no one will get to the driver’s consciousness better than a person with authority – not only formal but also the real one.

The training process itself begins at the stage of waiting for the future employee to obtain a visa. It starts with an initial maneuverability test with a semi-trailer and driving in traffic with a qualified Eco-driving instructor. Only people who pass this part are qualified for the next stages of training.

While attending classes, the driver learns about topics such as:


Regulations concerning drivers' working hours according to Regulation (EC) No 561/2006 of the European Parliament,


Practical aspects of using digital tachographs,


Fastening loads,


Eco-driving – practical trainings,


Defensive driving – practical trainings,


Practical tips on fees and driving in the EU,


Practical classes on filling in CMR.

In order to achieve the best possible didactic effects, we have created, as the only company, our own training center in Kyiv for our own needs, where we have qualified staff of instructors and lecture rooms with all the facilities we need for training.

Along with the classes conducted before the arrival of the newly-employed driver we also conduct periodic trainings in Poland. They are designed not only to test the effects of our team’s work in Kiev, but also to consolidate knowledge and obtain the “Driver’s Certificate” corresponding to the entry with code 95 in the driving license.

Being aware of the need to provide a complex service, we cooperate with doctors and the transport psychologists who speak Russian and are able to assess the driver’s abilities.

The whole process is aimed at offering drivers who are ready to start work without the need to organise the recruitment and training department in the company.

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