I am looking for drivers from the East

I am looking for drivers from the East

Years of experience in the transport industry allow us to carry out an effective recruitment and verify practical skills of the drivers. Taking into consideration lack of employees among professional drivers in Poland, we specialise in providing them from other countries, mainly from Eastern Europe and Asia. In order to provide our services at the highest level we have created subsidiary companies: Easy Work Ukraine and Easy Work Moldova. Our workers and advertising campaigns provide us with a wide access to qualified employees. Due to that we can complete orders for any number of people.

Services we offer to our customers are a complex solution to today’s shortage of employees. Through our experience and a professional approach to work, we are struggling with the stereotype of agencies which that verify the employee’s CV. For us the most important factors are the skills of the recruited driver, his motivation and the desire to improve his qualifications.

We provide not only recruitment services but also training. We have no doubt that the drivers are familiar with their work as we organise also trainings which prepare them to work in the territory of the EU. The scope of the above mentioned training is also not accidental and is the result of many years of experience working with drivers – not only from Poland but also from Eastern Europe. More information about training can be found in the bookmark “Trainings for drivers”.

During the preliminary interviews with the drivers as well as with their future employers, we analyse the needs of both parties. We know the most important thing is not only to provide an employee but also to meet the expectations of each party.

The complexity of our services includes also legalisation of the employee’s stay and employment in the Republic of Poland on behalf of the future employer. More information in the bookmark “Legalisation of work”.

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